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Deliver a better shopping experience

to drive customer loyalty, build repeat business and ultimately profit

Customer Retention is the ecommerce growth strategy. The vast majority of online retailers pile money and all attention into paid ads. They miss the immense opportunity that a defined, focused customer retention strategy can bring. Both pre- and post-purchase.

I partner directly with ecommerce clients to help review, build and optimise their customer retention strategy. From order success onwards we will personalise each and every customer touchpoint to build loyalty, learn from your customers and earn the right to motivate your customers to shop again.

We’ll dig deep into data to help you fully understand your customer lifetime value and build a route to greater profitability for your ecommerce brand.

We’ll also learn how to use customer insights to improve your customer acquisition process. To build a better shopping experience and deliver a truly customer-centric model to your marketing strategy.

Make the shift and evolve from a constant focus on acquisition to where the real money is made in ecommerce – customer retention growth.

Ecommerce Customer Retention Consultant

Ian Rhodes

Independent Ecommerce Customer Retention Specialist


let's future-proof your ecommerce brand

Retention marketing is the make or break of your ecommerce success. For many, it’s where the money is made. Let’s discover how to drive customer retention making better use of marketing technology, personalising the post-sales experience and giving people a reason to talk about your brand.

I will work with you to plan and action key retention drivers for your business including:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) benchmarking and measurement
  • Existing customer retention strategy audit & review
  • Post-sale delivery communication & welcome sequencing
  • Product unboxing advice and recommendation
  • Repeat customer voucher & discounting strategy
  • Remarketing to existing customers
  • Mastering the ease of customer returns and exchanges
  • Email segmentation and flow sequences for VIP customers
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • User generated content
  • Ecommerce marketing technology review & recommendation
  • Friend referral programmes
  • Reward programmes
  • Subscription business model strategy
  • Email newsletter segmentation & strategy
  • Timed win-back campaigns
  • Seasonal campaign strategy

Your work in retention will transform the success of your customer acquisition work. Develop a greater understanding of your most valuable customers - loyal, motivated and profitable.

are you rewarding loyalty?

motivate your customers to stay with you

Customer retention and loyalty should be central to your growth strategy. Most ecommerce brands ignore the opportunity to drive significant profitable growth through their existing customer base.

Inspire your customers to share their experience with your brand and significantly impact the opportunity word-of-mouth marketing will provide your ecommerce brand.

Do what your competition won’t. Start building your brand less ordinary through a fresh focus on how you retain your existing customers (without the need to trash your prices)

Customer Retention Consultancy

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to building loyalty and driving repeat business

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