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The Art.

Creating a need, a desire, for your product is one of the most difficult tasks you face.

Articulating your message and presenting the proof.

Creating a meaningful brand.

Making what you make matter.

The Science.

Using data to inform your decisions. Using technology to advance your marketing capabilities.

Knowing how to use both to increase your marketing productivity whilst maintaining as close to one-to-one relationship with your website visitors & customers as you can.

A science that frustrates the most venerable craftspeople.

You focus on crafting your product and delighting your customers. I’ll help you build your brand and reach your people.


Storyboard is a process I’ve refined over 20 years as a brand builder on the interwebs. To learn how to present your product, your craft, your people, to the world.

To make what you make matter.

Together we’ll discover how to build an emotive connection between your online audience and your product.

To position your product in a way that creates intrigue and desire.

In a way that motivates people to purchase.

Not simply to buy from you, but to buy into you.


Storyboard Your BrandStoryboard is a customer-experience led marketing process. Not logos, but words. Images. Video. Empathy. Context. Designing a marketing strategy that will resonate with your audience. To differentiate from the competition. To challenge marketing conventions. To reap reward.

Through the storyboard process we’ll blend 3 core, often under-utilised, ingredients of your maker business. Your people. Your process. Your perspective. 3 ingredients that will distinguish your brand and present the value your product creates to your website visitor.

  • Your value.
  • Your message.
  • Your mission.
  • Your story.
  • Your product.

This is how you transition from commodity to a desired product.

The story we share with your audience.

The story your audience tell themselves.

The process

A 12-stage framework for building and growing your product brand.

In practical terms? You'll build a more purposeful, more profitable, more sustainable brand. From how you introduce your products on your website's homepage to the post-sale experience.

  • shift from a spend mentality where you quickly become hooked on Google Ads & Facebook Advertising.
  • articulate the tone and personality of your brand - how you present your craft to your audience.
  • learn how to market your business online. The necessary channels and focus to reach your intended audience.
  • discover ways to collaborate with strategic partners. People and businesses that will help project your message.
  • get smarter with your marketing. More creative. More impactful.

I'm an independent marketing strategist at your service. To work by your side to plan and run your marketing with you. Your marketing partner across a structured series of activity outlined below


  • Data Informed

    Learn how to understand and use Site Analytics & Customer Lifetime Value data to your benefit

  • Multi-Channel Traffic

    Future proof - remove over reliance on single channels across search & social

  • CLV Mindset

    Discover how to build lifetime value data into your business model and transform your approach to marketing


  • A/B Testing

    Learn how to structure and prioritise your future a/b testing to drive conversion & profit

  • Personalisation

    Discover how to deliver a better customer experience using personalisation tools & email marketing

  • Copywriting

    Get comfy taking a truly customer-centric approach to your website copy & imagery


  • Onboarding New Customers

    Master the crucial first steps of welcoming new customers to your brand

  • Customer Insight

    Build feedback engines that ensure complete customercentricity

  • Rewarding Loyalty

    Go beyond discount codes and discover how to build greater relationships with your customers

Your next step

My work takes place with brands across the world. It is limited by time. So I work with a select few. Are you ready to translate your product value into words? To start making what you make matter? Call me on +44(0)161 706 0608, email [email protected] or drop your details in the form below. I’ll be in touch right away.