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Your ecommerce platform is the foundation for your business. Whatever stage of growth or consolidation you find your business, I'm here to advise you on the most suited ecommerce platform for your business now and in the future.

I've worked in the ecommerce industry for 24 years. Over 12 years as an advisor and independent consultant helping build the foundations for thriving ecommerce businesses.

From funded startups to large scale international B2B distributors and manufacturers, it is my task to help you select, review and, sometimes replatform, based on your budget, team size and complexity.

There's no 'one size fits all' approach. Having audited over 300 ecommerce businesses across the globe, I'm here to help advise you on the ecommerce platform you can confidently build your business upon.

Ecommerce Platform Selection & Technology Advisor

Ian Rhodes

platform Consultant

Select and make best use of the platform strategy, skills and technology at the core of your ecommerce business

You're spoiled for choice with the sheer volume of ecommerce platform technology available to you right now. Let's work together to review, adopt and master the right platform technology for your ecommerce business now and in the future. To deliver your customers the shopping experience they deserve and provide your in-house team with the ability to personalise and scale their ecommerce offering.

  • current budget and future scale
  • existing technology integration requirements
  • team skills and individual requirements
  • internationalisation
  • warehousing and inventory management needs
  • distributor/retail integrations
  • product and pricing inventory feeds
  • discounting strategy and individual client pricing structures and management
  • email marketing integrations
  • platform management
  • replatforming strategy
  • tailored front-end and back-end analytics
  • quote management
  • lead generation

... the list is constantly growing having worked with 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

Take the next step to equipping your ecommerce brand with the platform that drives growth

I review and advise upon ecommerce platform and replatforming strategies for direct-to-consumer, b2b & enterprise retail clients from startups to multi-national retailers.

Ready to make the right investment in platform technology for your ecommerce business?
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"Ian will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible"
- Owen Whitehead - Head of Global Digital at TravelCounsellors.com