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What to expect

If you're sending me a cart recovery email do you determine your message by the value of my cart? by how often I've shopped with you before?

If you're sending me a welcome sequence are the email flows based upon what you already know about me?

If you're welcoming me back to your site are you presenting me with products you know I'll love?

If you want me to register for your newsletter are you using imagery and copy that is designed upon my shopping behaviour?

You'll be joining 1,600 fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs that receive my tips and advice each week on how to build a more profitable ecommerce business managing the machine.

This isn't cheap tactics or quick win territory. These emails are written for founders and ecommerce marketers who know and expect to put the hard work in.

My job is to deliver you direction. The strategy. The technology. The process that you build. Sharing advice from my own consulting work, 20+ years as an ecommerce growth practitioner and the work shared by fellow subscribers.

Over the coming months MANAGE THE MACHINE will develop further to include a closed Facebook group, podcast and more case studies from the work that's taking place right now with subscriber's own websites.

I'll be sharing practical advice to help you advance your work in increasing average order values, reducing cart abandonments and helping you, across your marketing, deliver your audience a truly personalised shopping experience. The type of experience that fuels profitable growth. Technology driven and for the long haul.

I'll also be introducing you to new personalisation technologies that help you segment, automate and do what is necessary in order to improve the shopping experience within your site.

I'm on hand to answer any questions you may have. To provide as much guidance as I can to enable you to master the strategies, technologies and optimisation processes that deliver REAL ecommerce growth.

Can't wait to have you join us.