Master the skills, technology and optimisation processes
that deliver real ecommerce growth

Building & growing ecommerce businesses since 1996
"Over the months we worked together he was a positive, inspiring presence and brought clarity and focus to our efforts to create something new and exciting." - Phil S. - Ecommerce Manager - PKL

Ongoing support and guidance as you master the technology of elite ecommerce growth marketers

Get trusted guidance and training from an ecommerce expert as you fuel growth for your brand.

The strategy. The tools. The process. There's a lot on the plate of today's in-house ecommerce marketing team. Add to the mix management reporting, customer insights and the desire to learn... it's a tough world out there.

I work alongside a small group of clients. In-house marketers or teams that need external guidance to ensure targets are hit and growth is continuously achieved.

My job is to train you to become an elite ecommerce growth marketer. To share with you everything I've learned (and continue to learn) managing ecommerce marketing strategies for 20+ years. Our work together will help take your skills to the next level.

The is ongoing support, not just one off training. I'm here to advise, answer questions and support you in your work. We have scheduled calls each week where we run through activity and explore new opportunities. We work to a plan.

As you use start using data to uncover insights, being managing a process of continual optimisation across your store and your customer's journey. All done whilst you still manage to launch that weekly email newsletter. I'm working with you, looking at data on a daily basis and helping you manage and prioritise projects where external help may be needed.

This is partnership. I'm not here as an outsourced solution. My work is to give you access to all the insight you need, oftentimes just a sanity check, on how to drive growth for your brand profitably and sustainably.

Ian Rhodes
Trusted Coach & Advisor To Ecommerce Marketers

Learn how to use technology to drive traffic, convert and retain more customers for your store

The majority of our work focuses on the tools you use. The insights you uncover. I'm here to help ensure you learn your marketing stack to optimise, to scale and to thrive.

I've spent years working directly with technology providers including Klaviyo, Yotpo, Shopify, ReCharge, Gorgias, OctaneAI and more across a range of clients to help build out truly optimised shopping experiences.

We'll set out a prioritised plan of action focusing on the big wins and the longer term opportunities. You'll quickly gather confidence in using the advanced elements of your technology stack. Results will come and the results will encourage smarter investment in your technology to drive further growth.

Our work with involve:

  • technology stack review and selection
  • shopify apps to help increase AOV
  • understanding of customer lifetime value data
  • advanced email flow build and optimisation
  • personalisation engines that tailor the shopping experience
  • cart recovery flows that drive profitable growth
  • customer support platforms that build trust and speed up customer communications
  • list growth strategies and welcome series that capture the interest of site visitors
  • make smarter use of customer review platforms to capture better product reviews
  • creating a customer loyalty program to drive profitable retention

... the list is constantly growing having worked alongside 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

Next steps

You can check availability by emailing ian@retention.co.uk or dropping your details across in the form below. I'll be in touch right away.