Learn how to thrive building your brand less ordinary

Take one day away from the routine.
Let’s see what we can accomplish bringing clarity and meaning
to your marketing to start making what you make matter

your differentiator workshop

40 years ago Ted Levitt, one of the founder fathers of modern-era marketing taught us that
marketing can become the most powerful form of differentiation‘.

Words Ted wrote before the Internet changed the way we reach and connect with our audience forever.

Now you’re competing well beyond the boundaries of your industry.

Differentiation is more important than ever.

What are you doing to present your customer a brand less ordinary?

“He provided us with a great insight into the industry and has really helped raise our game. Our team are now very excited about putting some of these ideas into practice”Jonathan Hirshler - AML Group

The art of differentiation

Differentiator is a one-day strategy session that I run in-house at your business. During the day I will provide you with clarity, insight and direction in how you position your business.

From the words you use to describe your brand, the products you sell and the emails you send.

To the imagery, the product descriptions. The offers. Our task is to make your brand matter.

Our singular objective is to answer the question:
‘how will we motivate more people to buy what we sell?’

Our work together will provide the foundations for how you grow your business. Your approach to social media, email marketing, blogging, every touchpoint you have with your customer. It will start to make sense. You’ll have a plan.

“He provided us with a bespoke training session which was extremely relevant and valuable to our business”Simon Leake - Audi

The practice of differentiation

This isn’t theory or text book regurgitation. I’m sharing insight from 20 years of building successful brands. What works. What doesn’t. Tactics that form strategy.

No more talk of product features. No more reliance upon price as the motivator to sell more products. Instead we open your doors. To the people, the process and your own unique perspective on matters relevant to your audience. Working together we will develop your value proposition and bring clarity to your future marketing work.

Creating a marketing framework to build your brand upon. To differentiate your work across search, content, email and conversion optimisation. Sharing learning working with 200+ brands in my own 20 years in this industry.

“Its probably fair to say that I learnt more in 2 hours than I had in 12 months.

His learning style is very clear, precise and backed up with lots of practical examples that can be immediately implemented. “Lee Fuller - ChannelAdvisor

Just more work?

Marketers do too much. I want to focus your time and energy on doing what works (i.e. what makes your business profitable money).

So, we focus in on productivity. Better time use working the channels that drive business success.

When you get into ‘deep work’ (and that’s our objective) you produce better with less time.

More effective, more impactful customer communication. It’s all in the words we use.

Smarter marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s exploration

Testing ideas. Re-shaping perspective. It’s re-learning how we traditionally market our business.

It’s bringing together all the things you may already be doing and creating a framework and series of hooks to tie them all together.

This is about using the greatest tools you have available to you, your natural differentiators, and building a process to demonstrate why what you make matters to your customer.

What’s your takeaway?

At the completion of your workshop you will have developed a tailored framework to build a more productive marketing process for your business. No matter what industry you’re in. No matter how saturated your market place is right now.

You’ll understand how your unique value proposition will work for your business. We’ll bring logic to your search marketing. Process to your email marketing. Purpose to your conversion techniques. All wrapped up in a truly customer-centred framework.

A framework you will be able to build and implement immediately with the ideas and process you’ll gain from your Differentiator workshop.

The next logical step

Your Differentiator workshop costs £950 ($1250+ travel costs for Europe & North America). No more than 10 people will attend. Anymore, we lose focus on the job at hand.

I’m limiting workshops to just 2 clients per month. If you are interested in checking availability please pop your details in the form below. I’ll be in touch to answer any further questions you may have: