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Data insight, automations, experimentation, personalisation, segmentation. It's all the talk of the modern ecommerce world.

Ecommerce brands that are seeing real success are those that don't simply invest in ecommerce marketing technology and expect 'out of the box' results. They understand the role data and technology play in their customer's journey. They take ownership of technology, define their strategy and utilise tech to differentiate their business from the competition. They manage the machine. As a traffic, acquisition and retention growth driver.

I partner with ecommerce brands, established and growth hungry, to explore the role technology can play in their revenue growth. Advising on the best fit tools within your current platform. I then work with you and your team to action to smarter customer acquisition & retention strategies through the applied use of data, technology and the human touch.

Ecommerce Marketing Technology Advisor

Ian Rhodes

Ecommerce Marketing
Technology Consultant

"Ian will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible"
- Owen Whitehead - Head of Global Digital at TravelCounsellors.com

The strategy, data and technology at the core of your ecommerce growth machine

You're spoiled for choice with the sheer volume of ecommerce technology available to you right now. Let's work together to review, adopt and master the right marketing technology for your ecommerce business now and in the future. To deliver your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

... the list is constantly growing having worked with 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

  • Business Intelligence allowing you a full understanding of customer acquisition and retention metrics - real business analysis data that informs your growth strategy on channel performance profitability
  • Ecommerce email marketing platform that allows you to scale conversations not blast messages inc. Klaviyo, Omnisend and Ometria
  • Personalisation platforms to help make the shift from a one-to-all to one-to-one shopping experience inc. LimeSpot, Segmentify, Kameleoon and more.
  • Customer service & chatbots to ensure all communication is centralised using tools inc. Gorgias, LiveChat, HelpScout and ZenDesk
  • User Generated content platforms that allow you to share the voice and imagery of your customer
  • Product recommendation engines that smartly present your website visitors with the right product at the right time
  • Messenger chatbot automation that allow you to scale and retain that vital human-touch of your business
  • Cart Abandonment platforms that allow you to test the most effective messaging to recovery abandoned carts based on behavioural data
  • A/B testing and experimentation platforms that helps you optimise the customer journey and increase profit without spending on more traffic
  • Behavioural Marketing software that personalises your customer's onsite experience
  • On-site search that is fuelled by data and customer insight to present the right products
  • Product review platforms that grow customer recommendations, are product specific and help you convert more first time customers
  • Customer referral and rewards software that enables a new route to drive customer loyalty inc. LoyaltyLion, MentionMe and more.
  • Pop-ups and exit intent software that helps you promote new offers and incentivise purchase without interrupting your visitor's focus inc. Privy, JustUno and Optimonk.
  • User-journey analysis including session recordings, heatmapping and reporting that demonstrate new ways to enhance customer experience inc. HotJar.

Take the next step to equipping your ecommerce brand with the technology that drives growth

I review and advise upon ecommerce technology-driven strategies for direct-to-consumer & retail clients from startups to multi-national retailers. I also help train in-house marketers to master the tools of their trade.

Ready to make the right investment in marketing technology for your ecommerce business?
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